LD/50: New Song Available For Streaming

“Struggle”, a brand new song from LD/50 — the San Francisco, California-based band featuring Glen Alvelais (TESTAMENT, FORBIDDEN) on guitar, Clark Brown (GEEZER) on vocals, Terry Goss (SCORCHED-EARTH POLICY) on bass, and Tony Providence (A BAND CALLED PAIN) on drums — can be streamed using the ReverbNation TuneWidget below (click on “Songs” tab).

LD/50 is putting the finishing touches on its full-length debut at Trident studios in Concord, California with producer Juan Urteaga (MACHINE HEAD, EXODUS, SADUS, TESTAMENT, NIGHT RANGER, VICIOUS RUMORS, HEATHEN, VILE, CATTLE DECAPITATION).

According to a press release, LD/50 (which is the abbreviation for “Lethal Dose at 50%”) is “like a culture of extreme that has steadily built their fan base to the point of iconic recognition. . . The band has a unique style of perfecting the groove. Mixed with thrash explosive guitar and solos, LD/50 is a band that is not afraid to go into a ballad-style song with growling, screaming vocals and then run into a melodic guitar solo and end with a tricky syncopated rhythm.”

Brown, who sang on the last two solo albums from BLACK SABBATH bassist Terry “Geezer” Butler — 1997’s “Black Science” (released under the GEEZER banner) and 2005’s “Ohmwork” (under G/Z/R) — previously stated about involvement with LD/50, “I tell ya, when Glen called me up to get this thing going, I was fuckin amped!!! I was a big fan of FORBIDDEN back in the day. I remember covering ‘Forbidden Evil’ in one of my old bands.”

He added, “This new stuff we are writing has really brought the best outta me. Every new song Glen hands me is getting better and better. I am constantly blown away. It makes my job so easy as a singer. The vocals just flow outta me like fuckin’ water!

“I love the dynamics that we are creating; it can be heavy as fuck, to melodic and mellow but always moving and pulling the listener from one end of the spectrum to the other.

“This first album is gonna flatten the fuck outta the norm and really give the people something to chew on…no bullshit!!”

For more information, visit www.ld-50.com.


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