‘Learn To Play Killswitch Engage’ Double-DVD Set Available

Lick Library is pleased to bring you “Learn To Play Killswitch Engage”, a collection of classic tracks to help you learn the best riffs and solos from one of the leading metalcore bands.

Considered by many to be one of the founders of the melodic metal genre, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE‘s music is characterized by distinctive ferocious riffs, pummeling rhythms held together by melodious harmonies. The power sources behind the sound are guitarists Adam Dutiewicz and Joel Stroetzel, who have joined forces to create the band’s distinctive style.

Walking you through some of the bands best-loved tracks is the incredible U.K. shredder and metal guitarist Andy James. Well known for his Lick Library contributions and as the lead guitarist of the band SACRED MOTHER TONGUE, Andy shares his knowledge and experience in this easy-to-follow guitar-tuition double-DVD set. The technical explanations from Andy are concise and clearly demonstrated by the split screen that shows what each of his hands are doing at the same time. Plus you can pause and rewind the guitar lessons on the DVD whenever you want, so you can go over any part, time and again until you really have it nailed.

Included on “Learn To Play Killswitch Engage” are five killer tracks featuring several of the best riffs and solos from some of the greatest metal performers around today. Taken from the 2002 “Alive Or Just Breathing” album are “My Last Serenade” and “Fixation On The Darkness” and then Andy takes a look at “Rose Of Sharyn” and “The End Of Heartache” from the 2004 album of the same name. Last but not least, Andy takes you step by step through “My Curse” from the 2006 “As Daylight Dies” album. With over three hours of guitar lessons and note by note tutorials, this double DVD set will help you improve your technique and also covers a range of topics including song construction, dynamics, tone as well as learning blistering riffs.

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