LEAVES’ EYES Singer On Norwegian Tragedy: ‘This Is Terrible And Must Never Happen Again’

Norwegian singer Liv Kristine (LEAVES’ EYES, ex-THEATRE OF TRAGEDY) — who has been living in Germany since 1996 with her now-husband, Alexander Krull, the vocalist for the German band ATROCITY — has released the following statement regarding the reports that Norway had been rocked by a two-act tragedy — first a downtown Oslo explosion, then a shooting at a youth camp:

“Norway’s soul is hurt. My deepest thoughts go to my home country, to the victims and their families. Norway is an amazingly beautiful country and a safe place to live. Such an attack on our democracy and our peaceful nation must be condemned to the sharpest. Any form of radicalism must be destroyed at its source. This is terrible and must never happen again.”

In a 2006 interview, Liv had the following to say about her birthplace: “Of course I still miss Norway, it is the country I have spent most of my life. Most of all, I miss the sea! Whenever possible, I try to spend some days at home. I use these breaks to relax and gain new powers, it works fantastically for me! I love to take [my son] Leon with me on such occasions; he ought to know about his origins. I also found another, more artistic way to cope with my homesickness: when you listen to the [LEAVES’ EYES] album ‘Vinland Saga’, you will learn about the Vikings and their history. While working on this album, I could delve into my memories of the wonderful and mysterious Norway.”