Legendary ALICE COOPER Drummer NEAL SMITH Releases ‘Squeeze Like A Python’ Video

“Squeeze Like A Python”, the new video from legendary ALICE COOPER drummer Neal Smith, can be seen below. The song comes off Smith‘s latest album, “KillSmith Two”, which is described in a press release as “a mind-blistering, headbanging masterpiece in metal macabre.”

Smith, who recently reunited with Alice Cooper and recorded several new tracks for Alice‘s “Welcome 2 My Nightmare” (which also features fellow ALICE COOPER members Michael Bruce and Dennis Dunaway), says his new CD “will rock you to your very soul and then stomp on it!”

“I think it’s the best writing I’ve ever done with industrial strength music,” says Neal.

“The fourth song on the ‘KillSmith Two’ CD is called ‘Evil Voodoo Moon’. It is the song that’s the mother of Alice‘s latest single called ‘I’ll Bite Your Face Off’, featured on his great new CD ‘Welcome 2 My Nightmare’.

“One of the main goals I had in mind while writing ‘KillSmith Two’ was to keep my lyrics radio-friendly this time. My colorful vocabulary could make a drunken sailor blush. So I took it back a few notches for airplay, something I didn’t do on my first KILLSMITH CD, ‘Sexual Savior’, when I just let all hell break loose.

“In addition to crafting my lyrics for the radio, the new songs on ‘KillSmith Two’ have evolved with more defined choruses and themes,” explains Neal. “Heavy industrial guitars are still the heart of the KILLSMITH sound along with my pounding drums.”

KILLSMITH features: Neal “Kill” Smith (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, synthesizer, drums and percussion), Peter “The Cat” Catucci (bass guitar backing vocals), Doug Wahlberg (lead guitar), Kevin Franklin (lead guitar), Bryan Morrell (lead guitar) and Pete “Keys” Hickey (keyboards)

“KillSmith Two” track listing:

01. 2000 Miles From Detroit
02. Suicide Highway
03. Cemetery Of The Damned
04. Evil Voodoo Moon
05. Death By The Numbers
06. Crimes Of High Passion
07. Legend Of Viper Company
08. Die For The Night
09. Strip Down
10. Kiss My Rock
11. Anything
12. Squeeze Like A Python