Legendary DECEASED Frontman Working On Massive Autobiography

One of death metal’s forefathers is ready to have all the sordid, insane, terrifying, and just plain metal details of his entire life chronicled in an autobiography. King Fowley, the founder of the legendary death metal band DECEASED and old-school metal troupe OCTOBER 31 has been feverishly working on creating yet another masterpiece to add to his legacy, but this time it will be in literary form.

Fowley, who is known the metal world over as one of the most ardent fans of true metal, has always been one of the most vocal, upfront figures and never pulls any punches when asked of his opinion. He has been tearing the music world asunder for almost three decades and after what he remarks as a life that he has lived to the fullest, Fowley is ready to give the metal world what it truly needs and that is his autobiography.

Fowley‘s work with DECEASED is unparalleled and albums like “Fearless Undead Machines”, “The 13 Frightened Souls”, “Luck Of The Corpse” and “Supernatural Addiction” have garnered Fowley and DECEASED immense respect and adulation throughout the metal community. Heralded as some of the greatest metal ever put to tape, DECEASED‘s status and reputation among metal’s elite is unquestioned.

Fowley‘s life story will chronicle in almost pedantic detail every song and album ever created by DECEASED, OCTOBER 31 and every other slab of music he helped create. You’ll learn about Fowley’s early days, how DECEASED formed, the D.C.-area metal scene of the mid-’80s and how King escaped death multiple times. King nearly died from a horrendous blood clot, survived a stroke and kicked drugs and alcohol, two addictions that had a complete stranglehold on him.

And luckily for the readers, the legendary, almost fantastical party lifestyle he lived on a daily basis will finally be told in all its glory. Yeah, King has had some good times in his days. He’s enjoyed throngs of women and has had his fair share of fistfights along the way as well, all of which will be touched upon in the book.

Written with the help of Mike Sloan (Blistering.com, Sherdog.com, SecondsOut.com, TeethOfTheDivine.com) the as-yet untitled autobiography is tentatively set for a late 2012/early 2013 release.

“Going down 44 years of the memory lane game with Mike has made me laugh, cry, smile, shriek and everything in between,” exclaimed Fowley. “Yeah, life is a motherfucker and I’ve been both the mother and the fucker many, many times over! Life is for living and I know sure as hell I’ve been living mine and then some!”

“It’s been an amazing journey working with King for all these months,” Sloan remarked about the project he and King have been secretly working on for more than a year. “We’re finally hitting the final stages of the book, though there’s still plenty of work to be done. Not only has King been the driving force behind some of best metal ever produced, the guy’s lived one hell of a crazy life. Whoever reads his story will be blown away by the sheer amount of triumphs and tragedies he’s endured.”

Publishing duties will come courtesy of Burning Horse Media and the autobiography will be available in both print and digital forms. It’s likely to retail for $19.95. More details as to where the book can be purchased and when the exact release date of the book will be are forthcoming.


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