Legendary Metal Cover Artist ED REPKA Interviewed By METAL RULES! TV (Video)

Metal Rules! TV conducted an interview with legendary metal artist Ed Repka (MEGADETH, MISFITS, DEATH) at the end of last month at the Chiller Theatre toy, model and film expo in Parsippany, New Jersey. You can now watch the chat below.

Repka‘s work not only speaks for itself, it screams for itself! With its touches of comic book, monster movie poster and sci-fi/fantasy illustration, Ed‘s influences are clear, but it’s his bold use of color and sense of visual narrative that makes his art rock.

Regarded as the undisputed king of “thrash” metal art of the ’80s, he specializes in menacing reminders of impending apocalypse, and grim visions of the irradiated aftermath. His vibrant abuse of color and shadow combined with darkly satirical characterizations form his distinctive style which has garnered commissions from clients such as Atlantic, Capitol, Earache, Metal Blade, Roadrunner and others for use on CD covers, video covers, posters, trading cards, t-shirts, toys, and comics.

Repka is known worldwide as creator of Vic Rattlehead, MEGADETH‘s skeletal mascot. His some twenty illustrations of the character have adorned the band’s CD covers, posters, t-shirts, and hordes of other metal merchandise.

Repka is also art director of NECA, where he designs and develops products like action figures, headknockers, plush and other collectibles for comic, movie, and video game licenses.

Repka continues to produce cover art for current bands like AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE, NECRO, SUICIDAL ANGELS, 3 INCHES OF BLOOD and many more.



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