LEGION: Trailer For ‘And Then, The Devil Said’ Video

A trailer for “And Then, The Devil Said”, the new video from Ohio-based metallers LEGION, can be seen below. The clip will make its online debut on August 6.

“And Then, The Devil Said” comes off LEGION‘s debut album, “Woke”, which was released today (Tuesday, July 30) via eOne/Good Fight Music. The CD was recorded with producer Daniel Laskiewicz (THE ACACIA STRAIN) and contains the band’s “most ferocious material to date,” according to a press release.

“Woke” track listing:

01. The Fear
02. And Then, The Devil Said
03. Righteous Dictation
04. He Became Death
05. Priest
06. Disclosure Of Sin
07. Kneel Before Order
08. Perverse Icon
09. B.R.F.
10. The Roach

Comments LEGION vocalist Mike Guilford: “I speak for the entire band when I say we’re very excited. We have put a lot of honesty and aggression into ‘Woke’. Hopefully this record opens everyone’s eyes the way it has opened ours.”

LEGION‘s new CD delivers upon the promise put down by their devastating EPs. No stone is left unturned when it comes to LEGION‘s targets, from the government to the church. LEGION speaks their minds, musically and lyrically, without compromise.

Columbus, Ohio has produced many celebrated “scene” bands, but LEGION actively chose another route. They didn’t base their career plans on the accumulation of Internet hype nor on cookie-cutter music designed to cater to a specific crowd. They went against the grain, on the path of resistance, decidedly choosing hard work and originality.

LEGION isn’t following the scene blueprint. LEGION is all about a genuine connection with their fans through authentic expression. Ultimately, LEGION looks to create music that inspires listeners to be themselves. They are believers in the power of creativity and artistic achievement.


Michael Guilford (vocals)
Chris Dragics (guitar)
Alex Heiberger (guitar)
Mason Prince (bass)
Jake Rodriguez (drums)