Legionary Announces New Album “Arcane Divisions” Track Listing

Tri-State death/thrash act Legionary has been working on the new album “Arcane Divisions,” and the band has now revealed the track listing will be as follows:

1. Cursed Existence
2. Deceiver
3. Unfriendly Fire
4. Questions Left Unanswered
5. Absolute Supremacy
6. Awakening Reprisal
7. Embracing Trauma
8. Frozen Assassin
9. Genetic Legacy
10. Arcane Divisions

Legionary also commented:

“Since July, we’ve been working very hard, not only on recording the parts for our first album ‘Arcane Divisions,’ but on getting the mix/master just right… Anthony D’Erasmo (aka The Digital Doctor) has done an awesome job, and soon the album will be complete… Next month we will be unveiling a brand new track entitled ‘Embracing Trauma.’ Who’s ready for some new Legionary?!”

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