‘Leppard Tracks’ Now Available On Kindle

“Leppard Tracks” is finally available for Kindle e-book readers on Amazon. “Leppard Tracks” concentrates on documenting the history of DEF LEPPARD on an album-by-album basis. Song stories are detailed and other vignettes are offered to fill out the story, such as touring details, set lists, biographical “stories,” and the ever important tangents that demonstrate the strange relationships within the music industry. This unofficial and unsanctioned work doesn’t claim to be a first hand day-by-day account of the band’s history. Nor is it complete — think of it more as a Def Buffet of sorts. As such, this work strives to be a broad guide to the recording history of the band, but not a terse all-inclusive discography (which while interesting to a few would bore many to tears!). It doesn’t aim to focus in any particular manner on the band.