LIFELOVER Officially Disbands Following Mainman’s Death

On the night of September 9, Jonas Bergqvist (a.k.a. B) — the founding member, main composer, and guitarist of the Swedish “narcotic metal” band LIFELOVER — died unexpectedly. The cause of his death is still unclear and has yet to be established.

The remaining members of the group have since issued the following statement:

“On Friday morning, September 9th, B didn’t wake up from his sleep. He didn’t take his own life nor was he victim of any apparent action. The authorities in charge are still examining his body to find the exact cause of death.

“We, the remaining members of LIFELOVER, have decided to lay the band to rest. This would be the only right thing to do considering B was the main composer of LIFELOVER. Therefore, we won’t be performing at our coming planned shows.

“We are very sorry and hope that all of the fans that had been looking forward to seeing LIFELOVER play live will understand.

“The concerts in Belgium and Holland were the last concerts of LIFELOVER.

“We want to thank everybody that was present and helped out, especially Rob ‘Svograth’ Polon of MONADS and the members of IXXI.

“These last days have been very hard for us and everybody that knew B.

“We want to thank all of our fans for being so respectful, dedicated and understanding and, most of all, for supporting LIFELOVER during all these years.”