LIMP BIZKIT Doesn’t Want To Make ‘Gold Cobra II’

According to, LIMP BIZKIT is working in Miami with producer DetaiL on its forthcoming seventh album, the band’s first for its new label home, Cash Money, Lil Wayne‘s longtime record company.

“We’re going two different directions right now,” guitarist Wes Borland tells about the musical direction of the new LIMP BIZKIT material. “One direction is very heavy like our last album, ‘Gold Cobra’, but with me pushing the riffs further than they were before. But we’re also working on hip-hop club tracks that have guitar and Fred [Durst, vocals] on them. We’re coming from two very different places on this and right now they’re starting to cross over into each other, which is exciting. We don’t want to make ‘Gold Cobra II’.”

Regarding the songwriting process for the upcoming LIMP BIZKIT CD, Borland tells, “We’ve had a lot of little scattered sessions and we’re firing out ideas into the darkness and seeing what sticks and what starts to form and become something new. I’ve gotten really intense about writing snappy, complicated riffs that have a lot of dive bomb-type whammy bar push-and-pull suction sound in them. It’s too soon to tell where we’re going with it all. We’re not at the point where everything flows or makes sense, but we’ll know when we get there.”

LIMP BIZKIT is scheduled to embark on a major U.S. tour in October with Borland‘s side project BLACK LIGHT BURNS opening the show.

LIMP BIZKIT last year parted ways with Interscope, the label that released all of the band’s records thus far through its subsidiaries Flip, Geffen and Suretone Records.

“Gold Cobra” was LIMP BIZKIT‘s first CD to feature the original lineup of Durst, Borland, Sam Rivers (bass), John Otto (drums), and DJ Lethal since 2000’s “Chocolate Starfish And Hot Dog Flavored Water”. DJ Lethal has since been fired from the group for personal reasons.


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