LIMP BIZKIT’s DJ LETHAL Sued Over ‘Fender Bender’

According to, LIMP BIZKIT‘s DJ Lethal (real name Leor Dimant) is being sued by a driver who alleges that Lethal crashed into her last December. The woman has hired famed personal-injury lawyer Larry H. Parker — who has won 91 percent of his cases — to represent her, and is seeking an undisclosed amount. In the claim, which was filed on November 5 in Los Angeles, she alleges she suffered physical injuries, loss of wages and damages to her car after Lethalsmashed into her on the 101 freeway.

Lethal tells he’s not worried about the lawsuit. “It was a fender bender,” he said. “No one got hurt. Cops were on the scene and no one complained of injuries. I had no idea there was even a lawsuit.” As for Parker, Lethal said, “That dude must be hurting for cash taking on a fender bender. I haven’t seen a commercial from him in years. That commission on the 2.1-million guy must be long gone on hair plugs and Viagra.”


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