Link Between Heavy Metal And Satanism Explored On Lebanese TV Show

Te Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (LBC) show “Ahmar bil Khat al Areed”(“The Bold Red Line”) dedicated a recent episode to the connection between heavy metal and Satanism. You can now watch the entire program below.

For more information (in English) on the “metal/Satanism” episode of “Ahmar bil Khat al Areed”, visit and Elia Mssawir’s blog.

According to Free Thinking Lebanon, “Ahmar Bil Khat Al Aareed” focuses on a different theme every week; the topics range from social and personal situations to bizarre phenomena taking place in Lebanon and the Arab world. During each episode, the host, Malek Maktabi, welcomes individuals who have come to the show to tell their story. Those people sit on one side of the stage, surrounded by a live audience. On the opposite side, a team of professionals in various fields (depending on the theme of the episode) are invited to take part in the discussion and to give their opinion on the different cases being investigated. A bold red line painted on the floor of the stage — as suggested by the title of the show — divides it in two. This symbolizes that the topic being explored is one that crosses the line of the Lebanese social norms (or that of the countries in the surrounding region).