LITA FORD Says ‘Mother’ Song Was Hard To Write And Record

Brigette Sullivan of recently conducted an interview with ’80s hard rock queen Lita Ford. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below. “A Song To Slit Your Wrist By” was written by Nikki Sixx. Was this a collaboration, as you did with him on “Falling In and Out of Love”?

Lita: You know, it was the weirdest thing. I was on my computer one day and it popped up. And I went, “I don’t have any Nikki Sixx songs saved to my desktop. What the fuck is this?” So I listened to it and called Nikki. He said, “It’s from the 58 version.” I asked, “Is this something you did for your book? Can I have it?” He said, “Yeah! Do what you want with it. It’s a song I wrote for my ex-wife fifteen years ago.” I thought, “Oh, God. How perfect.” I asked if he were to change anything, what would he do. He said he’d give it an industrial vibe, like a NINE INCH NAILS kind of feel. Gary [Hoey, producer/co-writer] started messing around with it, gave it some loops, added a guitar solo, added more attitude. I think it came out great. I wrote on the album in my handwriting, “Do not attempt this at home”. The song “Mother” is so heart-wrenching. Was it difficult to record?

Lita: It was hard to write. It was hard to record. It’s hard to listen to. I find myself skipping over it sometimes, depending on how much make-up I have on that day. If I’m all made up, I’m like, “Oh, can’t cry right now!” I’ve done interviews where big, grown men tell me they’ve come away from it in tears. That’s huge. That’s what I wanted — for people to feel my pain. But it is a great song and we’re going to do a video for it. Do you have anyone in mind for directing the video for “Mother”?

Lita: Actually, Vicky [Blue], the bass player from THE RUNAWAYS, is going to do it. She did “Edgeplay”, the RUNAWAYS documentary. We’re very close. She’s got a lot of photographs of me and my children, a lot of the necessary elements to create this video. You divorce has now been finalized.

Lita: Finally! Any dating prospects in your future?

Lita: Hell no!! Nuh-uh. I’m enjoying my freedom. There’s my date, sitting in that guitar stand over there. It doesn’t talk back and I can turn it on and off when I want. You know it’s funny. We have nine-volt batteries on the rider, for my guitar pedals. My guitarist asked why I had them on the rider. I said, “Mitch, I use them for my dildos.” Mitch said, “Lita, now I know you don’t use dildos.” I asked, “How do you know?!” He said, “Because they don’t take nine-volt batteries.”

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