LIVIN GARDEN reveals title for its new album

Brazilian band LIVIN GARDEN have revealed the name of its upcoming album, “Bring it on!”

Here’s a live video of Livin Garden performing the title song, “Bring It On”, at Otacílio Rock Festival, in Otacílio Costa/SC, Brazil. Watch the live video below:

Lead singer/bass player Gabriel Canoro, explains it:
Bring It On” means where we are mentally and musically right now. The feeling that nothing can stop us is unavoidable and stronger than ever. We face so many obstacles everyday to remain as a band and at the end, we always find ourselves standing tall as winners. This is gonna be one of the best Rock albums of the year and you will see that “Bring It On” speaks for itself when you listen to it. Ambitious? Maybe, but that’s what makes us Livin Garden.

The band is working in the pre-production of their 2nd album, to be released with “10 mind-blowing tracks”.

More information about the band at its official website (

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