Lizzy Borden Chats About Summer Of Blood Tour Dates

Celebrating 28 years of existence, American heavy metal act Lizzy Borden is currently out on the road for the “Summer of Blood” tour. While Lizzy Borden tears up the U.S. on tour, the band members are also actively engaged in writing a new record to follow-up “Appointment with Death.”

Just prior to hitting the touring circuit, band namesake and vocalist Lizzy Borden chatted with me about the upcoming shows and how the new album is shaping up.

You can also find Lizzy Borden’s thoughts in the complete interview below about the band’s desire to play Los Angeles again in the future, attempting to avoid influence from other metal bands, and perfecting a live performance to get a great crowd reaction every night.

xFiruath: I saw you mentioned a little while back writing for the upcoming album. What’s going on with that so far?

LIzzy: We’re taking our time because we don’t have to release a record every year nowadays. We’re trying to write really great songs we actually love, no filler, no nothing, ten great songs. When you try and do that you take a lot longer because you write ten songs and out of that ten there will be one really great one. Then you put that one into the good pile, and move on to write another ten. It’s a long process to do it that way, but we’re in no hurry to release a record. We’ve been touring in Europe, but we’re anxious to do it and we’re excited about the material we have so far. I think the next record is going to be a mind-blower. For me, the last record that we did “Appointment with Death,” we came full circle on the whole thing. Once you’ve gone full circle it’s time to be able to stretch to do something interesting and different, so we’re trying to do something we’ve never done before.

xFiruath: Are there any solid song titles yet?

Lizzy: Yeah, but nothing I want to reveal yet. We’re way too early. I don’t even know when we’re going to enter the studio. We have to make sure we have enough songs that are winners.

xFiruath: Where are you guys heading out on the road soon?

Lizzy: It’s a headlining tour, called the Summer of Blood tour. We start in Oklahoma and we end in California. We’re going from here to Canada and back, we have one show in Toronto, and then the rest will be East Coast, Midwest, that sort of thing. Then there will be a second leg added now, by popular demand. We have one in Seattle so far on the second leg in August. I don’t know how long the second leg will last or where it will take us, they’re booking it now. Then we just signed on to headline a night on the Hard Rock Hell festival in the U.K. Ace Frehley is closing the Saturday night and we close the Friday night. Then we’re going to do another tour of Europe in December, so we’ve got a lot of touring.

xFiruath: Which albums will you be playing songs from and how do you choose your set list?

Lizzy: This show we’ve been working on was kind of a “best of.” We took one or two songs from each record, because we had so many young fans who really know the new records, and all the older fans like the early stuff. In Europe we have mostly younger fans, except for Germany, and our fans there are almost exclusively in their 20’s. So America has older fans, but we get a lot of “Master of Disguise” fans, probably the majority of fans because that was our biggest selling record. This show encompasses our whole 28 years. We’ve got stuff from our first record, a lot of stuff from the new record. We’re doing some really specially things on this show that we haven’t done before. We’ve got some special surprises. We’ve been honing this show for the last couple of years now, making it that set that works every venue, every festival in front of 70,000 people or a club in front of 200. It’s the same response we get every night and it’s because we work on the show so hard to make it really a winner every night. This show is peaking now after having done it so many times and so many places around the world, but like I said we’re adding a couple of surprises for the Summer of Blood tour and the Winter of Blood tour.

xFiruath: Will you be able to hit L.A.?

Lizzy: We haven’t headlined in Los Angeles since 2002. At this point there are still no plans to do it. L.A. is a place where the majority of people stay clear of because there is a scene but it’s kind of a nostalgia scene. Anyone doing anything new or keeping releasing records like we do, they kind of don’t get it, it’s more about nostalgia. Even when we play a song I wrote 28 years ago, it sounds like I just wrote it. It’s updated, it feels good, it feels new. I would love to play L.A. and it’s heartbreaking that I can’t even play in the place where I started and where I live. At this point there’s no sign of a show happening here anytime soon. We’re hoping to put in the second leg but I don’t know.

xFiruath: Have you been to any shows lately?

Lizzy: I go to the major concerts. I just went to Rammstein a couple of weeks ago and that was pretty interesting. There’s shows happening all the time, but I’m usually so busy working on this tour and we’re writing, so I’m in the studio 24/7.

xFiruath: Have you listened to anything interesting in metal lately?

Lizzy: I stopped listening to music in my own genre a long time ago because I didn’t want to be influenced by it. I know people love categorizing things, but I hate it when people say “Oh, they sound like this, or they sound like this.” People have told me I sound like every single heavy metal singer out there, and there’s no way I can sound like every singer. I realized that maybe there was a thing going on in my brain without me even knowing it, so I stopped listening to stuff within my own genre so I wouldn’t be influenced. When we’re on tour someone will have the radio on and I’ll listen to whatever’s out there. I’m way open minded when it comes to music. I listen to classical to pop to death metal to whatever. Anything and everything I really don’t turn my brain off to.

xFiruath: With writing a new album and getting ready to go on tour, is Lizzy Borden the only project you’re working with at the moment?

Lizzy: Yeah, it is. We started doing the heavy touring, because we didn’t really do a lot of that in the ‘80s. We were making so many records that we’d do two or three months and then go right back in and record. It wasn’t a lot of touring back then, but now we’ve done quite a lot in the past few years. It gets time consuming. We’re working on this tour, booking that tour, working on the December tour, and there’s lots of planning and preparations and rehearsals. Everyone has little side projects, but this is a pretty time consuming effort right now.

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