LIZZY BORDEN ‘Heading In A More Song-Oriented Direction’ With Upcoming Album

LIZZY BORDEN frontman/namesake has issued the following update:

“2010 was an amazing year for LIZZY BORDEN, touring in Europe, Japan and the States with our ‘Appointment With Death’ show. The festivals and headline dates in every country were all very special to us in one way or another. This was all possible due to our very well-received ‘Appointment With Death’ record. We created two epic videos that aired on MTV (one of which was nominated for video of the year on ‘Headbangers Ball’) and a brand new stage show that proved to everyone that this was a new era for LIZZY BORDEN.

“The ‘Appointment With Death’ show and record took a giant leap forward into a whole new generation of fans all around the world. (Don’t miss our year-end summary video).

“We are now in the writing process for a new LIZZY BORDEN record as well as new video’s and a brand new stage show soon to follow.

“Because we do not wish to repeat ourselves, we are taking our time with this new release to make sure we create songs that inspire us for the visual medium as well as our usual audio mayhem. This new record is already heading in a more (individual) song-oriented direction, and it is my hope that we end up with at least ten new songs that can stand on their own and will be the soundtrack for our new generation of LIZZY BORDEN fans, all the while satisfying our dedicated fans who have been with us from the beginning.

“We learned so much from last year in what you want from us from switching songs in and out of the set based on reaction, all of that is starting to feed into the writing for the new record. At one point last year, we had seven songs in the set from ‘Appointment With Death’ and the only complaint we had was to play longer! It is our strong desire that we have that same problem for our upcoming release.

“Because we want this new release to be very special and something very different than anything we have done before, we are on the hunt to find the right producer that can understand the misunderstood. Finding that ‘right producer’ may be the biggest task we have at hand.

“Having said all of the above, we can’t stay off the stage for too long or we will start to go studio-crazy, so you just may find us out and about playing shows in 2011 while we work on the new record, possibly here and there all over the world. Please check-in to our Facebook fan page for upcoming shows and more recording updates throughout 2011.

“We hope to see you all very soon.”

LIZZY BORDEN recruited guitarist A.C. Alexander (WARRIOR, HATETIMESNINE) for the band’s last European tour.


Lizzy Borden: Vocals
Joey Scott: Drums
Marten Andersson: Bass
Dario Lorina: Guitar
A.C. Alexander: Guitar

Over the past couple of years, the LIZZY BORDEN “Appointment With Death” show produced spectacular performances in 11 countries (from North America to Europe) and on the main stages of some of biggest festivals like, Sweden Rock (Sweden), Bang Your Head!!! (Germany), Kobetasonic (Spain) and Rocklahoma (USA), with several critics supposedly declaring LIZZY BORDEN the hit of the festivals and comparing the LIZZY BORDEN show to a KISS concert.

LIZZY BORDEN‘s most recent shows were best-of performances, incorporating songs from the band’s entire catalog, including the latest record, “Appointment With Death”. The group is performing all of the classic songs like “Me Against The World”, “American Metal” and “Master Of Disguise” as well as tracks “Tomorrow Never Comes” and “Under Your Skin” from the latest CD.