LIZZY BORDEN’s Acoustic Cover Version Of LADY GAGA’s ‘Edge Of Glory’

Video footage of LIZZY BORDEN frontman/namesake and the band’s guitarist, Dario Lorina, performing an acoustic cover version of the LADY GAGA‘s “Edge Of Glory” can be seen below. LIZZY BORDEN‘s “heavy” version of the same song is included at the end of the clip.

LIZZY BORDEN is currently working on material for the follow-up to 2007’s “Appointment With Death”, tentatively due in 2012. Lizzy stated in a June 2011 interview with RockEyez, “I’m not that anxious to run out and do another record. The record I have in mind is so unique it’s even hard to picture. The way I look at ‘Appointment With Death’ is we came full circle we all had the same influences on all the records. Now it’s time to create something new so that’s where my head is at right now. The album I want to do is ten amazing songs. I don’t know exactly where it’s going to go; it could be the heaviest record we’ve ever done. You know, you write ten songs and end up loving one. I hope to get something out soon but we have the tour right now, but we are working hard on songs right now. It’s coming out really interesting but I’m still looking for that ultimate producer that I can work with so I can create something so unique that is sounds like we’re breaking ground a little bit.”


Lizzy Borden: Vocals
Joey Scott: Drums
Marten Andersson: Bass
Dario Lorina: Guitar
A.C. Alexander: Guitar

Acoustic version of “Edge Of Glory”:


Piano version of “Live Forever”: