LLVME To Release Second Album In March

Spanish pagan doom metallers LLVME will release their second album, “Yía De Nuesu”, in March via My Kingdom Music. The CD is described in a press release as “the most true expression of great doom melodies of desperation, the epicity and magic of pagan metal and the beauty epic tale of the traditional pagan Leonese folk… Once again the typical extreme metal structures characterized by a strong doom metal background are enriched with the beauty of the Celtic violins and bagpipes arrangements and by wondeful female vocals. It’ll be a must for all fans of MY DYING BRIDE, PRIMORDIAL, SHAPE OF DESPAIR, NEGURA BUNGETand doom pagan metal in general.”

“Yía De Nuesu” was mixed and mastered by Daniel Cardoso (ANNEKE VAN GIERSBERGEN, HEAVENWOOD) at Ultrasound Studios.

The track listing for the effort is as follows:

01. 1188-1230
02. Helmántica
03. Vettonia
04. Vaqueirada’l Baitse
05. Conceyu
06. Yía Fatu A Tierra
07. Pramoséu
08. Purtiellu De La Llïaltá
09. Llibación Nu Alborecer
10. Xota Chaconeada
11. Miróbriga
12. Fayéu De Sueños

LLVME‘s lyrics are inspired by the destructive power of fire and the glorious past of the band’s homeland. They are written in Leonese, the native language of the ancient Kingdom of Leon, the Spanish region which the members of the band hail from.

“Llvme” is a Leonese word that means “fire.”





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