LOCH VOSTOK: ‘Dystopium’ Artwork, Track Listing Revealed

Swedish melodic death metallers LOCH VOSTOK have inked a three-album deal with ViciSolum Productions. The band’s fourth album, “Dystopium”, will be released on September 23.

“Dystopium” track listing:

01. A Mission Undivine
02. Repeat Offender
03. World Trade Dissenter
04. Sacred Structure
05. Navigator
06. In The Wake Of Humanity
07. Viral Strain
08. Disconnection
09. Taste The Flame
10. Absence
11. Dystopium

A song from the forthcoming CD entitled “A Mission Undivine” can be streamed below.


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LOCH VOSTOK last year parted ways with bassist Tomas “Tym” Jonsson and replaced him with Jimmy Mattsson from PLANET RAIN.

LOCH VOSTOK‘s third full-length album, “Reveal No Secrets”, was released in 2009 via Nightmare and Silverwolf Records. The CD was produced, recorded, mixed and edited by the bandmembers themselves and was mastered by Lawrence Mackrory at Great Scot! Audio. The album featured guest appearances by Per Nilsson (SCAR SYMMETRY), Erik EZ Blomkvist (PLATITUDE) and Tina Gunnarsson (ex-MELLOW POETRY).


Teddy Möller – Vocals, Guitar
Niklas Kupper – Guitar
Jimmy Mattsson – Bass
Fredrik Klingwall – Keyboards
Lawrence Dinamarca – Drums