California-based “atmospheric” death metal band LORD OF WAR has inked a deal with Unique Leader Records. The group’s debut album, “Celestial Pestilence”, will receive an international release on January 31, 2012.

Since 2008, LORD OF WAR has been inflicting its unique brand of thematically driven progressive brutality on their hometown of Oceanside.

Drawing inspiration from all across the modern extreme metal spectrum, LORD OF WAR brings to the table a perfect balance of engaging technicality and progressive elements — seamlessly intertwined with powerful melodies and crushing breaks. They pride themselves in keeping an expansive repertoire and a “something for everyone” ethos, while simultaneously maintaining an uncompromising level of dedication to musicianship and innovation within the scene. They constantly push their collective skill sets to the next level in order to deliver increasingly imaginative aggression to their fan base.

With the official release of their debut album looming on the horizon, and the signing of a multi-album deal with Unique Leader, LORD OF WAR is poised to take their campaign of domination to an international scale.