LORDI Frontman Interviewed On ‘Heady Metal With Jeff Olson’ (Audio)

Vocalist Mr. Lordi of Finnish metallers LORDI was interviewed on this past Monday’s (September 5) edition of “Heady Metal With Jeff Olson”, the Internet radio show hosted by original TROUBLE drummer and RETRO GRAVE mainman Jeff “Oly” Olson. You can now listen to the chat in its entirety using the audio player below.


According to ESCtoday.com, Mr. Lordi will be one of the judges and mentors on the Finnish version of the reality TV format “Clash Of The Choirs” (“Kuorosota”). The singer’s choir comes from his hometown Rovaniemi.

“Kuorosota” is a music competition between several choirs, put together and led by successful Finnish singers/musicians in their home region. The celebrities take on the role of the choir leader and support their choir in the struggle for a perfect performance. They also act as members of the jury and evaluate the performances of the other competing choirs. TV viewers vote and determine the winner, and each week another choir gets voted off. The prize is in the form of a 40,000-euro contribution to a charity active in the artist’s hometown.

The series will air on the Finnish channel 4 starting next month.

Previous hard rock/metal judges on “Kuorosota” have included Timo Kotipelto (STRATOVARIUS), Marco Hietala (NIGHTWISH, TAROT) and Olli Herman (RECKLESS LOVE, CRASHDIET).

“Heady Metal With Jeff Olson” is Olson‘s first radio show endeavor and features interviews with musicians from different metal genres across the board, interesting people from all walks of life, comedic segments, music news, and giveaways.

Olson has been writing and recording in the music industry since the formation of TROUBLE (1979) and holds a Bachelor of Music degree in film scoring, cum laude, from Berklee College Of Music.