Los Angeles’ Famous Canter’s Deli Pays Tribute To JANI LANE With $1 Slices Of Cherry Pie

According to TMZ.com, Canter’s Deli — one of the most famous restaurants in all of Los Angeles — is honoring late WARRANT frontman Jani Laneby having a sale on cherry pie.

The delicatessen, which has been open since 1931, is just as well known for its baked goods as it is for it is corned beef sandwiches. So on Saturday and Sunday, they are selling slices of cherry pie for just $1.00 each.

During an interview that aired in May 2006 as part of VH1‘s “Heavy: The Story of Metal” four-part documentary tracing the evolution of heavy metal music and culture, Lane was asked about WARRANT‘s smash hit “Cherry Pie”, widely considered the band’s best-known release. “I hate that song,” he said. “I had no intention of writing that song. The record was done. The record was called ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’. And Donny Inner [president of Columbia Records] called up and said, ‘I don’t hear the single. You gotta give me a fucking single like ‘Love in an Elevator’. I need something like that.’ So that night I wrote ‘Cherry Pie’. Sent it to him. He lived with it over the weekend. Then all of a sudden the album’s called ‘Cherry Pie’. The record’s called ‘Cherry Pie’. I’m doing cherry-pie-eating contests. The single’s ‘Cherry Pie’. Right? If I’m lying, I’m dying. And my legacy’s ‘Cherry Pie’. Everything about me is ‘Cherry Pie’. I’m the ‘Cherry Pie’ guy. I could shoot myself in the fucking head for writing that song.”

Speaking to the “Taz at Night” show on Kalamazoo’s 92.5 WZUU radio station in November 2007, Lani dismissed his “Heavy: The Story of Metal” comments, claiming, “They [VH1 producers] just caught me on a bad day. It was a bad moment — I was going through a divorce, my mom had just passed away, all this stuff was going on — and they sit me down in a chair and wanna start grilling me with questions, and I didn’t wanna be there, so… You know, push that interview to the side, I’m happy as a clam to have written a song that is still being played and still dug by so many people. It’s hard enough to write a song, let alone one that sticks around.”

VH1 named “Cherry Pie” the 56th best hard rock song of all time.