‘Lost’ THIN LIZZY Tapes Resurface 26 Years After PHIL LYNOTT’s Death

According to the Belfast Telegraph, a mysterious benefactor has emerged with hundreds of unreleased THIN LIZZY songs, stored in secret since the death of frontman Phil Lynottin 1986. Universal Music will release a selection of these recordings in June, working with the full co-operation of the band’s surviving members.

“This is an absolutely stunning find,” Steve Hammonds, project manager for the box set, told the Irish Independent. Featuring nearly 700 songs, “[these] are outtakes, unheard versions of THIN LIZZY hits and, most exciting of all, material that was recorded but never released at the time.”

Shortly before he passed away in 1986, Lynott gave 150 tapes entrusted 150 tapes to an unnamed third party, described as a “THIN LIZZY fan.” “They held on to it for decades because they were waiting for the right people to come along,” Hammonds said. “They really didn’t trust anyone enough to release it properly.”

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