LOU GRAMM Talks FOREIGNER Reunion, Retirement

Former FOREIGNER singer Lou Gramm recently released his autobiography, “Juke Box Hero: My Five Decades in Rock ‘N’ Roll”, which highlights the ups and downs of his career. He told VH1 Radio Network‘s Dave Basner what he hopes fans take from the book. “That in spite of the notoriety and the success, there were pitfalls, there was prices to pay and certainly while it could be a life of excess and satisfaction with your work, if you do have a family, it’s a situation where you miss a lot of your children growing up,” he said.

Lou and his former writing partner, FOREIGNER guitarist Mick Jones, will be inducted into the Songwriters Hall Of Fame next month. At the ceremony, they’ll play together for the first time in a decade, which has led to rumors that Lou might rejoin FOREIGNER.

“You know, I don’t take any of that talk seriously,” Gramm told VH1 Radio Network. “I’ve heard there was a mention, but honestly, I can’t see that happening.”

Lou went on to say what it would take for something like that to come to fruition.

“I would just have to see how it goes down, what it entails, how long it would be,” he said. “There’s a number of things that would make a difference to me, and I’d just have to take it as it comes, and I’m sure Mick feels the same way. I mean, after all those years you just can’t jump into the deep water, you know.”

If a reunion does take place, it had better be soon. Lou revealed he thinks about retiring a lot, and when VH1 Radio Network pressed him for a timeline about when that might happen, he said: “Maybe sooner than you think. I have some other interests. I enjoy being in the studio, I still enjoy writing, I may put my efforts into writing songs for other people or into production. I guess those are the outlets for old rock singers when they go out to pasture, you know.”



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