LUCA TURILLI’S RHAPSODY Mainman Interviewed On ‘Rich Davenport’s Rock Show’ (Audio)

Guitarist Luca Turilli of the Italian “cinematic” metal band LUCA TURILLI’S RHAPSODY was interviewed on the latest edition of “Rich Davenport’s Rock Show”. The program can be streamed using the Mixcloud player below. (Note: The Turilli interview begins around the 18-minute mark.)

In August 2011, RHAPSODY OF FIRE guitarist Luca Turilli and keyboardist Alex Staropoli announced their decision to go their separate ways.

Due to legal reasons, Staropoli is continuing under the RHAPSODY OF FIRE name. Turilli, on the other hand, is making his efforts available under the RHAPSODY moniker (RHAPSODY OF FIRE‘s original name), in which he is joined by guitarist Dominique Leurquin, bassist Patrice Guers, singer Alessandro Conti (TRICK OR TREAT) and drummer Alex Landenburg (AT VANCE, ANNIHILATOR, MEKONG DELTA, STRATOVARIUS).

“Ascending To Infinity”, the new album from LUCA TURILLI’S RHAPSODY, entered the German Media Control chart at the position No. 32.

“Ascending To Infinity” track listing:

01. Quantum X
02. Ascending To Infinity
03. Dante’s Inferno
04. Excalibur
05. Tormento E Passione
06. Dark Fate Of Atlantis
07. Fantasia Gotica
08. Clash Of The Titans
09. Of Michael The Archangel And Lucifer’s Fall
I. Alma Mundi
II. Fatum Mortalis
III. Ignis Divinus

The “Dark Fate Of Atlantis” video was filmed in Stockholm, Sweden by Swedish director Owe Lingvall of Dreamday Media (THE RASMUS, KAMELOT‘s “The Great Pandemonium”). The song comes off “Ascending To Infinity”, which was released on June 22 via Nuclear Blast. The song was edited and made shorter for the video while on the CD it appears in its original version of 6 minutes and 29 seconds.

You can check out the “Ascending To Infinity” cover artwork below.

The album has a running time of around 65 minutes.




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