London, England-based blackened death metal outfit LVCIFYRE has inked a deal with Dark Descent Records for the release of the band’s as-yet-untitled sophomore album, due in early 2013.

Commented LVCIFYRE: “We are proud to announce the addition of LVCIFYRE to the Dark Descent Records roster. The label will be responsible for releasing LVCIFYRE‘s second full-length opus and follow-up to the seminal debut ‘The Calling Depths’.

“Over the past three years, Dark Descent has built up a notorious reputation of delivering the highest-caliber works of death metal darkness from the underground and proudly propagating the Fallen Light. Thus, it is the perfect lurking place for LVCIFYRE.

“With the new album, LVCIFYRE will unleash the most wrathful and apocalyptic sonic plague heard by Man; manifesting the hidden forces beyond the threshold to awaken the Darkness lurking deep inside you!”

“The Calling Depths” was released in June 2011 by Blood Harvest and Pulverised Records.