MAGENTA HARVEST: New Demo Available For Streaming

MAGENTA HARVEST, the Finnish death metal band featuring current and former members of FINNTROLL, CHTHONIAN, MYGRAIN and …AND OCEANS, has made its second demo, “Apparition Of Ending”, available for streaming on MySpace. According to a press release, the new effort sees the group widening its soundscape with the help of Aleksi Virta of FINNTROLL, who “create[d] some epic keyboard stuff” to go along with the material.

“Apparition Of Ending” track listing:

* Apparition Of Ending
* The Unavailing Surpasser
* Carrion Of Men
* One Walks Down

“Apparition Of Ending” will be made available as a physical CD “in a month or two,” according to the band.

MAGENTA HARVEST released its debut EP, “A Familiar Room”, in February 2011. The four tracks — “Spawn Of Neglect”, “Sermon”, “Killing Sign” and “A Familiar Room” — can also be streamed on MySpace.

MAGENTA HARVEST was formed in 2005 as a two-man project featuring Timo Kontio (HAVOC UNIT, …AND OCEANS) on guitar and Janne Manninen (MYGRAIN, …AND OCEANS) on drums. In 2009, second guitarist Timo Hanhikangas (TOTAL VOMIT EXPERIENCE) and bassist Jonas Frilund (CHTHONIAN) joined the band. Another year went by before Mathias Lillmåns (FINNTROLL, CHTHONIAN) agreed to front the group.

MAGENTA HARVEST states: “[Lillmåns‘ addition to the band] was easy because we had discussed about this with Mathias already a few years earlier, but the decision wasn’t that clear at first because Mathias were quite busy with his other musical activities and we thought also that there was no need for any singer before we had the rest of band in order and also some stuff ready to work with.

“When Mathias joined the band he actually came directly to the studio. Of course he didn’t have any lyrics ready then, but luckily we got help from Jan (ex-FINNTROLL). ”


* Timo Hanhikangas (TOTAL VOMIT EXPERIENCE) – Guitar
* Jonas Frilund (CHTHONIAN) – Bass
* Timo Kontio (HAVOC UNIT, …AND OCEANS) – Guitar
* Mathias Lillmåns (FINNTROLL, CHTHONIAN) – Vocals
* Janne Manninen (MYGRAIN, …AND OCEANS) – Drums