MALEVOLENCE: Single SLITHERING Available For Download

extreme progressive metallers MALEVOLENCE unleashed in straight cooperation with DECIBEL MAGAZINE (USA) the first single from upcoming 3rd full length effort ANTITHETICAL.
One week later (Friday, September 28) MALEVOLENCE advanced the audio single SLITHERING available via PUREGRAINAUDIO (CANADA) for direct download under exclusivity (here).

SLITHERING  represents a very conceptual and intense view addressing the radical eradication of all the spiritual and impious structures slinking over the Earth.
On a daily basis an artistic demonstration of free will and non-conformist expression towards the insignificant mentalities that generate defilement.
Those commonly understood as the foundations of truth using the language of contradiction to attract and conquer above weakness and depression all over the place.

SLITHERING  is the ultimate insubordinate statement addressing the “art of war” against such deceitful principles.
The fragmented worldwide paranoia must be reenergized by individual will – ability – knowledge and inner perception.

An episode showcasing the power of knowledge versus faith!

A radical audio (visual) installment representing the modern times clashing with the old/dysfunctional system of hypnotizing values.

The 1st (ever) official MALEVOLENCE VIDEO for the upcoming album ANTITHETICAL will be unleashed during the next weeks.

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