MALEVOLENCE: ‘Slithering’ Video Released

“Slithering”, the new video from Portuguese extreme progressive metallers MALEVOLENCE, can be seen below. The track comes off the band’s upcoming third full-length album, “Antithetical”, which was written and produced by Carlos Cariano, recorded by Paulo Pereira at 20m2sea Studio (Portugal), and mixed and mastered at Woodshed Studio (Germany) by V. Santura (TRIPTYKON, OBSCURA, PESTILENCE).



Commented Carlos: “[For the ‘Slithering’ video], we worked with 4therecords, a young company producing mainly short films and commercials. ‘Slithering’ is their boldest achievement to date and we are truly pleased with the visual quality of our first cooperation with this entity. The support of 4therecords was central and decisive to attain the professional final results.”

The follow-up to 1999’s “Martyrialized”, “Antithetical” features the lineup that recorded “Martyrialized”, including core members Carlos Cariano (vocals, guitar), Aires Pereira (bass), Fred Noel (guitar), Paulo Pereira (keyboards) alongside session drummer extraordinaire Dirk Verbeuren (SOILWORK, THE DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT, JEFF LOOMIS).

The main theme of “Antithetical” illustrates a razor-sharp concept inspired from Ancient Greek Etymology (1580s, from Gk. Antithetikos) that reflects the diametrical opposition to a number of propositions consisting in the revelation of a divergent thought. Pertaining to “Antithetical”, the Anti (against) + Thesis (position), as a figure of speech (mainly used by the authors of the Baroque period; style of the epoch known as the art of conflict) acknowledge opposition towards the relative thesis expressed.



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