MALFEITOR Completes Recording New Album

Swedish death metallers MALFEITOR have completed recording their new album, “Dum Morior Orior”, for a spring release via Hellthrasher Productions (with the vinyl version to be made available through Chaos Records).

The CD will feature the following track listing:

01. Conversation In Minor
02. Exile From Sanity
03. To Hell, Farewell
04. When Last Breath Fades
05. Scenes From a Slaughterhouse
06. Rolling With Corpses
07. Death, The Dead And Me
08. Beyond The Horrorizon
09. Psychosis
10. And The Sky Turned To Rage
11. Sojourn Hell

MALFEITOR last year announced the addition of drummer Janne Björkenfjäll (EXCRUCIATE, MORPHEUS, MASTICATION, EXHUMED) to the group’s ranks.

After MALFEITOR split up in 1994, Benny Moberg and Mattias Parkkila started BLOOD MORTIZED as an old-school Swedish death metal band in an effort to recapture a small shade of Tomas Skogsberg‘s famous Sunlight sound.

In 2010, Moberg decided to leave BLOOD MORTIZED and focus on the resuscitation of MALFEITOR. What we now will hear is a more intense, faster and brutal version of MALFEITOR, with influences from such acts as IMMOLATION and DEICIDE.