Man Accused Of Tearing Out Another Man’s Tracheotomy Tube At GODSMACK Concert

According to The Gazette, an Iowa man was arrested and charged with pulling out another man’s tracheotomy tube during a GODSMACK show in Dubuque, Iowa.

38-year-old Darrell Abbott was charged with assault with bodily injury, public intoxication and interference with official acts after Tuesday night’s incident at the Five Flags Center.

36-year-old Brad Kluesner says he was in the front row at the concert when Abbott allegedly started bothering him.

“He was trying to get past us, he was just kind of pushing,” Kluesner said. “I was like, ‘You’re not going to get past me, go around,’ whatever.”

Abbott then grabbed Kluesner, who admits he fought back and punched Abbott. They were separated by security personnel at the show, but a few minutes later, Abbott returned.

“The next thing I know I felt fingers on the back of my head and I turned around as he’s grabbing my collar and the back of my necklace for my trache (tracheotomy tube),” Kluesner said.

Kluesner was taken to a hospital to have the tube inserted back into his throat.

Abbott is being held on $2,500 cash bond in the Dubuque County Jail. While in custody, Dubuque police say Abbott was sitting in a wheelchair and pushed it backwards into an officer. He has since been charged with interference with official acts for that incident.