MANMADE GOD Reforming For Oakland Concert

Former American recording artists MANMADE GODare reforming for a Bay Area appearance on July 21 at the New Parish in Oakland, California. It will be the first time all four members have played together in since January 2005 when they abruptly and unexpectedly called it a day.

MANMADE GOD‘s self-titled debut album was released in 2004 under Rick Rubin‘s guidance while co-produced by Brian Joeseph Dobbs and later mixed by Sean Beavan. The CD was acclaimed by fans and critics but extremely underexposed and not properly supported after its release. That turned into the frustration that led to their inevitable breakup.

Singer Pann Reed, guitarist Craig Locicero (FORBIDDEN, SPIRALARMS), bassist James Walker (formerly of SPIRALARMS) and drummer Steve Jacobs (formerly of FORBIDDEN and former SPIRALARMS) got into the same room together and felt at ease with one another immediately. There was undeniable chemistry.

The video blog catches the days leading into the first time they all saw each other and caught their genuine emotions. The band has also decided to share a previously unreleased track. “Swallow The Sun” was originally recorded and mixed in the same sessions as the debut album but left unused.

Commented Locicero: “Sometimes emotions are painful things to bury and other times it helps to dig them up. MANMADE GOD reforming for this show has been nothing but therapeutic for me. It feels great mostly because how quickly everything ended the first time. We feel we wrote music from our souls for everybody else to enjoy as much as we did making it. I’m very fortunate to have a lot of great music in my life and believe there is always room for more with my bros.”

He continued, “I think ‘Swallow The Sun’ was a good example of the emotional heights MANMADE GOD could reach that other bands have a hard time of letting themselves fall into. It’s a great way to re-introduce our sound. Pann‘s vocal performance is stellar!”

Added Reed: “I feel like the time is right. We are all mature enough to really enjoy the experience that lays before us…All of it, in all of its complexities and forms. It’s good to have my brothers back by my side.”





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