MANOWAR Announces First Dates For ‘The Lord Of Steel’ World Tour

MANOWAR has confirmed the first dates for their upcoming “The Lord Of Steel” world tour. The trek will start in October in Europe, and will continue with worldwide events in 2013.

The “Lord Of Steel” world tour will feature a power-filled set, including brand new songs, a celebration of the 10th anniversary of “Warriors Of The World”, and many other classic MANOWAR hymns.

“We can’t wait to unleash ‘The Lord Of Steel’ to the world. It’s going to be hard, heavy and brutal! Time to face The Lord Of Steel!” said MANOWAR bassist Joey DeMaio.

Confirmed dates:

Oct. 09 – Zaragoza, Spain – Interpeñas
Oct. 11 – La Coruña, Spain – Coliseum
Oct. 13 – Barcelona, Spain – St Jordi Club
Oct. 14 – Madrid, Spain – La Riviera
Oct. 16 – Paris, France – Trabendo
Oct. 19 – Kerkrade, Holland – Rodahal
Oct. 23 – Prague, Czech Republic – Mala Sportovni Hala
Oct. 24 – Pardubice, Czech Republic – CEZ Arena
Oct. 26 – Zlin, Czech Republic – Euronics
Nov. 23 – Worcester, MA – The Palladium
Nov. 24 – Huntington, NY – The Paramount
Nov. 25 – Huntington, NY – The Paramount

MANOWAR‘s new album, “The Lord Of Steel” — which was mixed and mastered at Wisseloord Studios in the Netherlands with the help of longtime collaborators, mixing engineer Ronald Prent and Grammy Award-winning mastering engineer Darcy Proper — was released as a limited “Hammer Edition” through Metal Hammer magazine and as a digital release on and iTunes. The retail edition will be rolled out into worldwide retail in September. (Dates may differ from territory to territory.) Track titles like “Annihilation” and “Hail, Kill And Die!” set the tone for a record that is packed with surprises. In contrast to the 2007 release “Gods Of War”, this new album is not a concept album, yet each song tells a different story, retaining the MANOWAR vision of righteousness, honor and everything MANOWAR fans have come to know and love.

MANOWAR fans should expect to have “their heads completely blown off,” said MANOWAR bassist Joey DeMaio in a recent interview, and explained that “this album is all about brutality and raw power!”

“We were talking about a concept album but then got inspired to go in a different direction. This is where we are right now,” explained DeMaio. “I’ve been doing research on getting the best microphones and pre-amps for the guitars. The bass sound is death defying. We’ve done a lot of work on drums too, giving Donnie [Hamzik, drums] room to stretch out. And Eric [Adams, vocals] will simply sound bigger than life, as always.”

“The Lord Of Steel” includes the track “El Gringo”, which will also serve as the theme song for the After Dark Action franchise film “El Gringo”, an action western starring Scott Adkins (“The Expendables 2”, “The Bourne Ultimatum”), Christian Slater and Yvette Yates (“Without Men”).

“El Gringo” marks the first time MANOWAR has written a song specifically for a movie. The song depicts the struggle of a hero torn between his moral code and financial gain, and the challenge of being true to oneself and the real values in life — a recurring theme in MANOWAR‘s music.

“Everyone loves action movies! Our music, along with ass-kicking visuals and a great story, are a perfect match, not to mention a chance to actually see the music come alive on screen,” said DeMaio. “‘El Gringo’ has been a great experience, the team at After Dark Films has been a pleasure to work with, and we are ready for more!” he continued.

When asked about the long gap between MANOWAR‘s last CD and the new effort, DeMaio said, “I know that a lot of people don’t wanna wait another five years for a MANOWAR record, but we hope that people are gonna think that it was worth waiting the time. Because, you know, you go to a restaurant and you order dinner, if the waiter walks in the kitchen and comes back out two seconds later and puts the dinner on the table, I really don’t know what you’re gonna get. Every now and then I like McDonald’s, too — it doesn’t mean something fast is not good — but we’re not a fast-food restaurant with MANOWAR. We think it’s quality, so we hope you’re gonna feel the same way.”


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