MANOWAR: Special Edition Of ‘Battle Hymns MMXI’ To Include Four Bonus Tracks

To celebrate the announcement of MANOWAR‘s U.K./Ireland tour in November 2011, the band will release a special edition of its “Battle Hymns MMXI” album featuring four bonus live songs, recorded during the first leg of the “Battle Hymns”2011 world tour.

* “Call To Arms” (recorded live at O2 Academy in Birmingham, England, March 27, 2011)
* “Hand Of Doom” (recorded live at La Riviera in Madrid, Spain, April 10, 2011)
* “House Of Death” (recorded live at O2 Academy in Birmingham, England, March 27, 2011)
* “Thunder In The Sky” (recorded live at Campo Pequeno in Lisbon, Portugal, April 2, 2011)

The album is only available as part of the “MANOWAR Battle Pack UK”, which also includes Metal Hammer’s 25th-anniversary special MANOWAR edition packed with exclusive features from Metal Hammer‘s 25-year history and featuring the full story behind this new CD.

The “MANOWAR Battle Pack UK” is available in limited quantities and can be ordered immediately online for worldwide shipping.

For the best value possible, those who wish can purchase the “MANOWAR Battle Pack UK” along with a ticket for the “Battle Hymns” 2011 U.K./Ireland tour by going to this location. And if you choose to buy your CD in conjunction with a ticket, you’ll also receive a download of a brand new, unreleased new studio track straight from MANOWAR‘s upcoming album as an extra bonus.

Asked what made this “Battle Hymns” 2011 tour so special compared to previous ones, MANOWAR bassist and producer Joey DeMaio explained, “With this tour, we are paying tribute to our beginnings. It’s very important to not forget where one starts. We are playing in venues similar to the ones of our first tours. They bring band and fans closer together. We love playing big halls and stadiums as well as festivals, and we are looking forward to doing this next year again. But these more ‘personal’ gigs have a very unique atmosphere. And like with the re-recorded ‘Battle Hymns’ album, we give the fans the best of both worlds: The atmosphere of the past with the best technology of today.”

MANOWAR had recently re-recorded its highly acclaimed debut album, since finally technology had caught up with MANOWAR‘s custom-built touring and recording equipment. The classic hymns now feature the massive sound and production that has become MANOWAR‘s signature over recent years and records, and also include a narration by screen legend Sir Christopher Lee on “Dark Avenger”.