MARK TREMONTI Talks Solo Album, New VAN HALEN And CREED In New Audio Interview

On July 21, Chuck Armstrong of Free Gotham conducted an interview with ALTER BRIDGE/CREED guitarist Mark Tremonti. You can now listen to the chat using the audio player below.

Regarding his upcoming solo album, Tremonti said, “I’m tracking again on the 30th for about eight or nine days. I should have all my rhythm guitars finished and I’ll start to get into some vocals. Then I go back out on tour and try and organize the guitar solo ideas.”

He added, “I’m just finishing up writing all the lyrics, which is a huge deal for me.

“I think the ALTER BRIDGE fan base will like it. It’s definitely in that vein. Me and Myles [Kennedy, ALTER BRIDGE singer] couldn’t be any different as far as vocalists go. And it leans a little bit heavier than the ALTER BRIDGE stuff.”

On the topic of whether he will ever take his solo project out on the road, Tremonti said, “I’d be kind of nervous to be the frontman in a band, to be honest with you… Maybe I’ll open up for one of my other bands.”

Tremonti, who is friends with VAN HALEN bassist Wolfgang Van Halen, recently told Ross Ford, a morning radio show host on Colorado’s 94.3 KILO, that Eddie Van Halen‘s son invited Tremonti to VAN HALEN‘s 5150 studio to watch Eddie, Wolfgang and drummer Alex Van Halen rehearse. During the visit, Mark got to hear VAN HALEN‘s entire album, which he said sounded like “old-school VAN HALEN.”

“It was amazing to see them do it right in front of me,” Mark told Free Gotham. “I was thinking, how many people in the world get to do this?”

When asked if there will be any more collaborations with CREED singer Scott Stapp in the not-too-distant future, Tremonti said, “Yeah, I spoke with Scott last week and we’re gonna start putting together new ideas for another [CREED] record. We already talked about doing a few tours next year. We’re gonna start getting going now.”