MARTIN WALKYIER Performs Set of SKYCLAD Tunes In Moscow With ELVENKING; Photos, Video

British vocalist Martin Walkyier (SABBAT, SKYCLAD, THE CLAN DESTINED) performed a set of SKYCLAD tunes at Moskva Hall Club in Moscow, Russia, on February 9. Backing Martin up were Italian folk metallers ELVENKING, who also played a set of their own material the same night. Also appearing on the stage as special guest with Walkyier and ELVENKING was guitarist Jacqui Taylor, who collaborates with Walkyer in THE CLAN DESTINED.

Walkyier‘s setlist was as follows:

01. Intro
02. Declaration Of Indifference
03. Civil War Dance
04. Vintage Whine
05. Polkageist
06. Thinking Allowed?
07. Penny Dreadful
08. Earth Mother, The Sun And The Furious Host
09. Think Back And Lie Of England
10. Spinning Jenny

Photos from the gig are available at

Fan-filmed footage of Martin Walkyer and ELVEKING performing the songs “Vingage Whine” and “Penny Dreadful” can be seen below.




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