MASTER: New Video Interview With PAUL SPECKMANN

On March 10, Metal Max conducted an interview with bassist, vocalist and songwriter Paul Speckmann of death metal veterans MASTER at The Frequency in Madison, Wisconsin. You can now watch the chat below.

MASTER is currently taking part in a U.S. tour with California death thrashers SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER. The 32-date trek kicked off in Los Angeles as part of the Age Ov The Gods festival on March 1 and will end in Long Beach, California on April 1.

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions will reissue the classic MASTER album “Faith Is In Season” on CD format. This 15th-anniversary edition includes an all-new layout as well as alternate enhanced artwork, and is set for release on April 7.

MASTER‘s eleventh album, “The New Elite”, was released last year via Pulverised Records. The CD, which was once again recorded, mixed and mastered at Shaark Studios, contains “11 tracks of unambiguous death metal in its wretched form, in perfect coalition with the offensive Paul Speckmann-spewed lyrical shitstorm,” according to a press release.

The album artwork for “The New Elite” features a more concise, organic and symbolic concept, exclusively produced and designed by German graphic illustrator Mark Bridgeman.

Commented Speckmann: “‘The New Elite’ deals with the problems we face in society at this current time. The rich are getting richer and the poor are starving on the streets all around the world while men battle each other for world dominance! Governments are grabbing the world by the balls and dictating the new rules of the soon-to-be New Elite, while the youth of today just sit down and take it. I really wonder if and when the youth of today will take a stand against these crazy fucked-up ruthless world leaders. The time has come to stand up and be counted!”