MATT SORUM, Actress JANE LYNCH Talk Saving Art And Music Programs On ‘Studio 11 L.A.’

VELVET REVOLVER/ex-GUNS N’ ROSES drummer Matt Sorum and “Glee” actress Jane Lynch joined Fox 11‘s “Studio 11 L.A.” yesterday (Wednesday, February 22) to talk about their passion for Adopt The Arts, a group that’s trying to save art and music programs from being cut in LAUSD (Los Angeles Unified School District) elementary schools. You can watch video footage of their appearance below.

As previously reported, Sorum spoke at the February 14 Los Angeles Unified School District board meeting where the board debated a $557 million budget cut to close a funding deficit in the district’s $6 billion budget. He told the board that music helped keep him in school because he was not good at academics. He also said that cutting arts would be a travesty, explaining, “My mother is a music teacher and I grew up with music. I’ve gotta say — I wasn’t the greatest with academics. I gravitated towards the creative aspect, which I had at public school. I had choir, [where] I learned how to sing, and I also took orchestra and learned how to play the drums, I became a world-renowned rock and roll musician.”

He added, “I’m really concerned with cutting the arts and music for a very scientific reason, and the scientific reason is that kids learn four times better with music and arts in the program. Without a creative outlet, the academic programs are gonna suffer, and then there’s gonna be children that don’t gravitate towards the academics that have a creative mind that we’re gonna lose nurturing them and may possibly be losing a very creative force in the future.”

The drummer’s speech apparently convinced the LAUSD board to hold off on a $6 billion budget plan that would result in eliminating the district’s adult education, preschool and most elementary arts programs.

Watch Sorum in action below as he pleads his case to the Los Angeles Unified School District board.

An Adopt The Arts fundraising event in March will feature Jane Lynch as host, dinner by celebrity chef Kerry Simon and a performance by Sorum‘s band MAGNIFICENT SEVEN.

Matt Sorum and Jane Lynch on “Studio 11 L.A.”:


Jane Lynch & Matt Sorum on Studio 11 L.A.:

Sorum pleading his case to the Los Angeles Unified School District board:


Matt Sorum at LAUSD Board of Education Meeting from Village Voice Media on Vimeo.