MATT SORUM On DIAMOND BABY: ‘It’s Time To Experiment And Have A Good Time Again’

The bands we remember are always sexy, dangerous, unpredictable, and wildly over the top. Electro-rock group DIAMOND BABY is all that and more. With their debut single, “The Last Rockstar”, DIAMOND BABYare throwing the ultimate 21st century sonic soiree, and everyone is invited.

“The Last Rockstar” is quite the event. Sliding from a swaggering beat into seductive crooning, the tune resounds with an anthemic and propulsive prowess. The track officially hits iTunes in late August. However, DIAMOND BABY recently released the music video for the danceable “The Last Rockstar” online, and it immediately went viral racking up over 100,000 views in a few days.

With “Glee” star Jane Lynch, iconic actress Juliette Lewis, Verne Troyer, and MOTÖRHEAD‘s Lemmy Kilmister showing up to the party, the video showcases DIAMOND BABY rocking in front of a packed crowd of gorgeous faces, while introducing each of the characters that make up the quintet.

There’s Ace Of Diamonds (lead vocals), Lisa The Lover (keyboards), Duke Oz (guitar), Mr. Fitz (bass), and Baron Von Storm (a.k.a. Matt Sorum; drums). They’re all an integral part of this elegantly entrancing electro rock bash.

“The whole concept of DIAMOND BABY is Studio 54 meets ’80s decadence and New Wave,” reveals Ace Of Diamonds. “We wanted to bring that glitz and glamour back. It’s an experience.”

That experience has already been lauded and shared online by the likes of Perez Hilton and Rolling Stone. However, it really comes to life on the group’s forthcoming full-length album (exact release date to be announced).

Ace Of Diamonds goes on, “The undertone of everything is very sexy and celebratory. It’s okay to escape into music. This is about accepting who you are and going for what you really want in life. You’ve got one shot, so take it, go for it.”

DIAMOND BABY have certainly gone big on their debut tune, but with their larger-than-life alter egos and even larger theatrical panache, they’re going to shine. “The visual aspect of the band is crucial,” she adds. “Everyone has an alter ego, and it’s all part of the show.”

Von Storm echoes that sentiment, “It’s time to experiment and have a good time again.”