MATT SORUM’s ‘Double Bass Drumming And Power Fills Workout’ Book Available

Matt Sorum (GUNS N’ ROSES, VELVET REVOLVER, THE CULT) and Australian drummer Sammy “The Bull” Aliano have released the “Double Bass Drumming And Power Fills Workout” book through Cherry Lane Music.

“Double Bass Drumming And Power Fills Workout” is designed to help drummers improve their independence and control; develop coordination and fluency between their hands and feet; sharpen their reading skills; and build speed, endurance, power and precision — no matter what their drumming style. The in-depth “Power Fills” workout section is an indispensible collection of over 300 exercises and variations.

Commented drummer John Tempesta (THE CULT, EXODUS, TESTAMENT, WHITE ZOMBIE): “As a professional and versatile drummer, I couldn’t be more pleased with what I found in this book. ‘Double Bass Drumming And Power Fills Workout’ is a book that will strengthen your playing fundamentally as well as sharpen your skills. It will build, speed, endurance, and greatly improve your independence. Any serious drummer will find that using this book will benefit them no matter what their style of playing. Whether it’s rock, fusion, funk or metal, etc., The in-depth breakdown of the ‘Power Fills’ workout section is what separates this book from the rest. With over 300 exercises and variations, this book is a definite must for any drummer’s collection. I wish I had this book years ago. Matt and Sam have truly created a masterpiece.”

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