MEGACHEF Rock ‘N’ Roll Cookware: ‘For Those About To Cook, We Supply You!’

In the ever-expanding and fashionable world of cooking, Megachef brings a whole new range of quality cooking products — including fun fridge magnets, aprons and books, all music related — to the table.

A huge slice of the company’s products come on a quirky bed of jest with a twist of humor, a pinch of parody, all neatly wrapped up in a tongue of cheek. Their other products are just as cool and practical, Megachef-branded and a complete necessity for any aspiring cook, chef or indeed general dogsbody, with a passion for music and fun.

Megachef‘s slogan: “For those about to cook, we supply you!”

All of Megachef‘s products are handmade in the U.K., which the company says “is rare these days.”

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