MEGADETH Bassist: DAVE MUSTAINE And I Study Scripture Together

MEGADETH bassist David Ellefson last fall became one of 100 students in the distance education program at the Concordia Seminary in Clayton, Missouri. Classes include “Lutheran Distinctions,” “Preaching I II,” “Introduction to Worship” and “Scripture and Faith.”

During a brand new interview with Gordon Duncan of the Raleigh Evangelical Examiner, Ellefson was asked what some of his goals are surrounding a seminary education. “I’m enjoying the educational aspect of this,” he replied. “Learning what I can about the history of the church and Martin Luther‘s discoveries of both the Old Testament law and New Testament gospel of Christ. I think my generation just gave up on church…much the same way Martin Luther questioned the church of his day. I think we are all drawn to the word of God but not sure about the church of our youth as it was antiquated and seemed culturally irrelevant to us. So, my hope is that with a modern day discovery we can apply God’s word more universally to all of us, even us in rock and roll!”

Ellefson was also asked whether he and MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine ever debate points of theology, and if so, how they handle any disagreements. “Dave and I never dispute scripture but rather we study it together,” Ellefson said. “Dave is actually very well versed and read on scripture, especially the Old Testament. I’ve learned quite a bit from him over the years. I think his understanding of Moses is superior to what mine used to be. I can’t say we disagree. It’s just that we each bring something different to our discussions. I think that is the beauty of scripture it is irrefutable if you really study it as it is written and don’t try to scramble it to fit your life. We are to fit it, not the other way around.”

On the topc of whether he desires to see his Christian faith more overtly evident in MEGADETH lyrics, Ellefson said, “I don’t see MEGADETH being a quote/unquote ‘Christian band,’ but rather a band that has Christians in it. We’ve used concepts and scripture in our songs for years. One example is in ‘Ashes In Your Mouth’ where we say, ‘Turning plowshares into swords.'”

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