MEGADETH Bassist Performs At MEGALife Ministry

Video footage of MEGADETH bassist David Ellefson performing with Jason Witte (BLEED/YOUR/FAITH, GOADED) on Sunday, December 18 at MEGALife Ministry in Scottsdale, Arizona can be seen below.

Founded by Ellefson, MEGALife Ministry is a new Christian-based ministry focused on serving all people in their development of faith. The ministry is designed to help engage the needs of both churched and un-churched individuals and families worldwide.

Through the endowment of MEGALife‘s music ministries, personal testimonies and captivating multi-media, it offers a dynamic center for developing a faith in Jesus Christ, especially to those who are new to Christianity or seeking a new church home.

MEGALife Ministry
9400 East Mountain View Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85258

In a September 2011 interview with Metalfan, Ellefson was asked about his role in the MEGALife Ministry. “Initially, I helped start and vision-cast the MEGALife Ministry church in Scottsdale, Arizona,” he said. “It’s now grown to a point where we’ve purchased a brand new building, hired new staff and the mission carries on. I was initially the worship leader for a few years and that allowed me some great musical opportunities to write, play and develop some great friendships in that community. God gave me my musical talent so I found it fitting that for a few years I should give some of it back to Him for his use. Now that I’m back in MEGADETH full time, I’ve called in new people to take over my music position but I try to help out whenever I’m off the road. I get great joy in doing it and do it for free and for fun.”

When asked if he is bothered by the fact that most of the metalheads don’t go to church very often, Ellefson said, “No, it doesn’t bother me and I totally understand. I grew up having to go to church every Sunday with my family and I hated it. I would sit and draw KISS logos and stage designs on my church bulletins, while daydreaming about playing music! But, now as an adult I put my boy-ish ways behind me and see the benefit of a solid faith life. I think the fallacy is that only perfect people go to church, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth… at least not the churches I go to!!! After all I’m there and I’m certainly not perfect! In reality, our world is not your friend so don’t get too friendly with it. That is my motive for developing a faith walk and that seems to be pretty good, orderly, direction (G.O.D).”


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