MEGADETH Mainman Says ‘TH1RT3EN’ Has ‘A Very Heavy, Modern Sound’

U.K.’s Metal Hammer magazine recently conducted an interview with MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Metal Hammer: Your latest album, “TH1RT3EN”, has just hit the shelves. What can fans expect from that album?

Mustaine: I think fans are going to be able to expect a very exciting record. With David Ellefson [bass] coming back, it brought back the classic sound, but also with the progress that we made with Shawn Drover [drums] and Chris Broderick [guitar]. I think that it’s a very heavy, modern sound, and then adding Johnny K [producer] to that with his production skills, this is the optimum record that we could’ve made right now. So I think that the fans are going to be very happy with this record.

Metal Hammer: What difference has having Dave Ellefson back in the band had on the creation of the new album?

Mustaine: It’s been almost two years now, and the time has just flown past, because it’s just so great to have my buddy back. When he came back, one of the first things he did was, we were recording a song called “Sudden Death” for “Guitar Hero”, and I asked Dave, “Hey, you want to do a bass track on this?” kind of like when we were hanging out in the very beginning and I’d say, “Hey, you want a drink?” He sat down, started doing the bass track and looked over at me and said, “You know, I’m going to put a DIAMOND HEAD part right here,” and then I got pretty excited! I was so thrilled; I just knew it was the right thing for us to reconcile.

Metal Hammer: You chose Johnny K to produce this album. Talk about why you chose him and what he is like to work with

Mustaine: The reason I chose Johnny K to produce this record is because [previous MEGADETH producer] Andy Sneap wasn’t available at the time we had our open opportunity to record. We had a two-month window to record, and Andy was busy doing something else, and David Ellefson had recommended Johnny K, which was really exciting for us, because Johnny brought a really great attitude and a level of professionalism and just a freshness that we were in need of. Andy had helped us get to a really great place and Johnny was the next step for us.

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