MEGADETH’s CHRIS BRODERICK Discusses Upcoming ‘Winter Guitar Retreat’ In New Interview

Jeb Wright of Classic Rock Revisited recently conducted an interview with MEGADETH guitarist Chris Broderick. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Classic Rock Revisited: You are doing something really cool. You and Alex Skolnick [TESTAMENT] are doing a winter retreat for guitar players at the Full Moon Resort in New York. Tell me about that.

Chris: It was presented to us and we both thought it was a great idea because of our musical backgrounds and because we have both been teachers. I thought it really made good sense. We’ve toured together and we’ve hung out together in the past, so that makes it really cool. People can come and hang out at the resort, which is a nice environment and learn about guitar playing. It is really set up so a person can take a vacation centered around the guitar. While they are here, they will get to see how we view the guitar and learn about things we utilize to create on the guitar. We will cover every aspect of our playing and they can learn from us.

Classic Rock Revisited: Is there a minimum skill level of player that should attend this?

Chris: It is open this year to anyone. This is the first time I have done anything quite like this. The first year I will be getting the lay of the land and seeing what people are most interested in and what they want to learn. I don’t think that how accomplished you are on the instrument will make you either qualified, or unqualified, to attend.

Classic Rock Revisited: From the perspective of the instructor, do you have any preset goals you want to get across?

Chris: I have a list of goals. I had to come up with a curriculum that I wanted to teach. I have all of the things I want to do planned out, but whether I get to all of them or not will depend on the class.

Classic Rock Revisited: Will Alex and you be doing any teaching or performing together?

Chris: Yes, definitely. We will teach a couple of classes together and then, at the end of the night, we will do a “master class” where we get everyone together and we allow the students to get up and play with us.

Classic Rock Revisited: Are the classes limited?

Chris: I am sure there is a limit to the size of the hotel but for all purposes, right now, there is no limit. People can sign up and come to the resort.

Classic Rock Revisited: Alex is great guitar player, as you are. Both of you are versed in many styles. What is it about Alex‘s playing that attracts you to him?

Chris: I think Alex has really cool choices when it comes to note selection. If you listen to his solo in [TESTAMENT‘s] “Souls Of Black” or “The Preacher”, then you realize that his guitar lines are really, really cool.

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