MELECHESH Appears In Comic

French comic artist Fabrice Gagos has integrated a tribute to MELECHESH members Ashmedi and Moloch into his weekly updated web comic through inscribing one of the main characters named Sayid to the two. The artist states, “‘Ghouls Of Nineveh’is an ongoing web-comic featuring a pack of super-cool metalheads fighting bloodthirsty Mesopotamian zombies for their lives after they’ve been awakened by mistake by a bunch of ultra-conservative Christians praying in their church. All of the above based upon some Mesopotamian legends, including goddess Ereshkigal and her long lost beloved, Nergal, god of plague…

“Mesopotamia, ghouls, metal-heads and mysticism — I couldn’t help but find that particular MELECHESH‘s title fitted perfectly. Most of all, I don’t want to spoil you the fun, but I can tell you that Sayid, guitar player and PhD in archeology owner (character tribute to Moloch and Ashmedi), will take part in the rescuing of his friends. Metal, friendship and fun to save the world — with a bit of gore!”

Commented Ashmedi: “Seeing how our music, songtitles, lyrics, concepts, no matter how loosely related, inspire different artistic endeavours such as on this comic is satisfying and flattering to say the least! Plus I found it to be very entertaining and well done.”

* English version of the comic
* French version of the comic

MELECHESH has just completed a European tour with SAMAEL in support of its latest album, “The Epigenesis”, which was recorded in the newly built Babajim Studios in Istanbul, Turkey and was mixed by Reuben de Lautour and mastered by Pieter Snapper.

The “The Epigenesis” cover art was created by the U.K.-based renowned occult artist John Coulthart, who had already collaborated with MELECHESH in the past.

MELECHESH recently amicably parted ways with bassist Rahm, who joined the band last year. The remaining members of the group cited “professional reasons” as the reason for the split.