SHADOW SOCIETY was formed in 2011 by Asgrim (IMMANIFEST, YETIT) and Rob Thoth (CHRONZON) with a very simple idea: no drama, no filler riffs and no compromise. In essence, SHADOW SOCIETY was forged to make music that they wanted to hear. These ideals together with the strength of the music drew in other like-minded heavyweights in extreme music, who wanted to shape these shared ideals and music into something uniquely their own.

First to align with the band were Roberto “Kadath” Celentano and Kevin Quirion (DEICIDE, ORDER OF ENNEAD). As longtime friends and gifted musicians, both were natural additions to the growing vision for the band’s music. In addition it was a reunion of sorts, as Asgrim has worked with both of them in past projects. The rhythm section was the final element necessary for the band to realize their vision.

After a lengthy search, Brian Werner (MONSTROSITY, INFERNAEON) and the extremely talented Adam Sagan (INFERNAEON, INTO ETERNITY) completed the alignment. Both bring a wealth of talent and experience to SHADOW SOCIETY.

Their sound is distinct and direct. Brutality, ambience, harmony, dissonance and darkness collide in perfect chaos as the unique talents of each individual serve the eclectic collective.

SHADOW SOCIETY is preparing to enter Sound Source Recordings to begin recording its debut EP with Kelly Nunn (MAYLENE THE SONS OF DISASTER), with mixing and mastering to be handled at Erik Rutan‘s Mana Studios under the watchful eye and ear of Brian Elliott

The band has just released its first track, entitled “Hidden in Plain Site”, which was mixed and mastered by Eric Koondel (CYNIC, SOILWORK, MALEVOLENT CREATION). Check it below.


Hidden in Plain Sight by Rob Thoth