METAL CHURCH Guitarist’s PRESTO BALLET Announces New Singer, Releases ‘Relic’ Album


PRESTO BALLET, the progressive rock band led by ex-METAL CHURCH guitarist Kurdt Vanderhoof, has announced the addition of lead vocalist Chuck Campbell. Chuck joins the group as the replacement for METAL CHURCH/ex-LILLIAN AXE frontman Ronny Munroe, who quit PRESTO BALLET in January.

According to a press release, “Chuck brings a great classic rock edge to the band — a bit of grit, soul and emotion that adds new element to the PRESTO BALLET sound.”

PRESTO BALLET‘s new album, “Relic Of The Modern World”, is available for purchase at this location.

The band’s keyboardist, Kerry Shacklett, contributed a beautiful piano piece to the CD, “Prelude To Farewell”, which is a setup for the 19-minute-long title track.

“Relic Of The Modern World” track listing:

01. The Chemical Age
02. Watching The Radio
03. Broken Toys
04. Prelude To Farewell
05. Relic Of The Modern World

PRESTO BALLET‘s next effort will be a double concept album that will continue the story introduced on “Relic Of The Modern World”.


Kurdt Vanderhoof – Guitar
Chuck Campbell – Vocals
Kerry Shacklett – Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Bobby Ferkovich – Bass, Backing Vocals
Chris Gorczyca – Drums