Metal Musicians Weigh In On SLAYER Drummer Drama

Several metal musicians have weighed in on SLAYER‘s decision to replace drummer Dave Lombardo (pictured below) for the upcoming Australian tour following a disagreement over internal financial issues. According to the drummer, 90% of SLAYER‘s tour revenue is “being deducted as expenses, including the professional fees paid to management, costing the band millions of dollars and leaving 10% or less to split amongst the four of us.”

Russ Strahan (HOUNDS OF HASSELVANDER, PENTAGRAM, LAND OF DOOM): “I have a deep respect for SLAYER and their music. This is one of the original thrash metal bands and a band that so many have been influenced by. Like most, I am shocked by the current situation but I have to say, being a musician who has been in several bands and has toured, there are things that go deeper than people outside the band realize.

“I am not by any means condoning or supporting any decisions based on selfishness and greed. I just know from experience that there is usually more than meets the eye on the inside of any major change like this.

“I hope that this is not as it seems and that the guys can work it out, but like a lot of you that have commented, it doesn’t look good and I do agree that Dave is a master and just as major a part as everyone else in the band. Again, I hope that this is something that can be worked out, because there are a lot of disappointed fans!

“On one final note… I can’t even afford one of those $5,000.00 American BC Rich guitars and have to work a stinking 9-5 job that I hate just to get by, so to put it in perspective, Kerry [King, SLAYER guitarist], you got it pretty damn good compared to most of us.”

Gus Pynn (SACRIFICE): “Just read Dave Lombardo‘s press release. Kerry King is a douche. How long before Tom [Araya, bass/vocals] leaves? Man, some guys are just dickheads. So glad almost 26 years ago when they came knocking I said ‘NO!!’ I hope Tom leaves. Kerry will just replace him with some clone and take 90% of the gate which is the way he wants it. Sleep well, Kerry.

Paul Bostaph is crushing… but Dave is a fucking monster. [I] just watched fixed camera shot on him just two days ago and man the only guy to match him on crush would be Tom Hunting [of EXODUS]. You can put a clone in his place, but his touch you can’t replace.”

Bård G. Eithun (a.k.a. Faust; SCUM, ABORYM, EMPEROR): “So, Kerry King, did all the ink give you any sort of brain damage? Stop fucking around and just realize that Lombardo is just a big of a star as you are. If not bigger. Who wants to see SLAYER without good ‘ol Dave anyway? Cut the crap.”

Alex Skolnick (TESTAMENT): “Disappointing news. Hung with Dave at NAMM and Kerry King a few days later. Never would’ve guessed. Not my place (or anyone else’s, really) to comment on others’ business. But as a fan and friend of the band, you hate to see falling out.”

According to Soundwave promoter AJ Maddah, SLAYER has tapped drummer Jon Dette (pictured below) to sit to sit behind the kit for the California thrash band’s appearances on this year’s festival tour, which is scheduled to kick off on Saturday, February 23 in Brisbane, Australia.

Dette joined SLAYER in 1996 when Paul Bostaph left to work on his side project, THE TRUTH ABOUT SEAFOOD. Dette performed with SLAYER at the 1996 Ozzfest to promote the band’s covers album, “Undisputed Attitude”.

Prior to joining SLAYER, Dette appeared on TESTAMENT‘s “Live At The Fillmore” album, which came out in 1995.

Dette is currently playing with ANTHRAX as a temporary replacement for the band’s longtime drummer Charlie Benante, who “is dealing with personal issues right now and can’t leave” the U.S., according to ANTHRAX guitarist Scott Ian.


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